Revamped 'Sister Act' with diverse cast gets ready for international premiere

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The remake of the musical "Sister Act, which is getting ready for its world premiere on Nov. 4 in Busan, caused a buzz when it showcased its diverse cast at an open rehearsal at Dongseo University in the southern port city on Wednesday.

The production house behind the musical is South Korea's EMK Musical Company, known for its success in turning international productions into popular musicals here. "Sister Act" is a blend of Korean and American talent, including cast members from Broadway and director Robert Johanson, who has collaborated with EMK since 2007 on various productions.

"We have seven Korean actors joining the American company. Among the Americans, we have many ethnicities represented. For me, that picture says so much about a global message which I'd like to put forward now of these present times," Johanson told reporters after the rehearsal. "More than ever, I think we have to look at ourselves in the whole world as one people -- people that celebrate each other's differences and their similarities," he added.